What Do Job Candidates Want?

Here’s my take: This report is about the overall candidate experience, and I’ve written about that […]

Here’s my take: This report is about the overall candidate experience, and I’ve written about that before at Recruiting Daily — like back in 2018. I also wrote about it a year before that when I noted that, “It will take more humans, less automation: to solve the problems that so many candidates had with the lack of a decent candidate experience.”

Criteria’s Candidate Experience Report spells out yet again what recruiters and hiring managers already should know about what candidates want, but they knew most of that back when I was originally writing about it here in 2017-2018. The big question then, is this: what about the candidate experience has changes since then?

The answer? You know it all too well: virtually nothing. Some organizations take what candidates tell them to heart and make the proper adjustments to their process, but honestly, most don’t. In other words, the candidate experience is pretty much the same in 2021-22 as it was back in 2017-18. It’s sad to say that, but it’s true.

The Key To Hiring? It’s The Golden Rule

It’s also true that what I wrote for Recruiting Daily in my very first blog post in May of 2017, titled The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Candidate Experience, is as relevant today as it was then. I made this point:

“Everyone who recruits or hires should have to be a job candidate at sometime.”

That is still true, and although the aforementioned report didn’t use those exact words, the insights they got from job seekers around the globe, the very insights that drove their new report, pretty much made the same point.

But, I also said this:

“Any company can treat top candidates well (although that not always a given, as I found out), but how they act toward the great nameless, faceless mass of people who apply to them really speaks volumes about how they treat not only those who actually do get hired, but how they probably treat their customers too.

It’s a version of the Golden Ruletreat your job candidates as YOU want to be treated. If you truly care about the Candidate Experience, this shouldn’t be so hard for recruiters and talent managers to understand.”

Job candidates may have more leverage today, but what they want in a job and an employer hasnt really changed much. But the challenge remains. Will more organizations listen to what job seekers are telling them and make the appropriate changes?


The original article can be found at: Recruiting Daily