Training may improve internal employee mobility and, in turn, retention

Dive Brief: A lack of learning opportunities can create barriers to internal worker mobility and, […]

Dive Brief:

  • A lack of learning opportunities can create barriers to internal worker mobility and, eventually, employee retention, according to a Sept. 27 report from Eagle Hill Consulting.
  • In a survey conducted earlier this year, more than half of employees said they have good job opportunities at their current employer. But only 23% said they have moved into a new role within the organization. That indicates a disconnect, the firm said: Employers may be failing to identify and devise programs that prepare employees for their next roles.
  • Such efforts are crucial not only for workers, but for employers hoping to become or remain competitive in today’s tight talent market. “Providing employees with a path to achieve their personal and professional ambitions where they currently work is a retention win-win for employers and employees,” said Melissa Jezior, president and CEO of Eagle Hill Consulting, in a statement.
Dive Insight:

Employers have consistently identified hiring and retention among their top business concerns this year. That was the case in a July study from Russell Reynolds, for example, with respondents pointing to a lack of skilled talent as a growing hurdle.

To combat that issue, employers should prioritize retention over hiring, other research has suggested. An MIT Technology Review report published last month recommended HR focus on career paths for current employees and work to foster a culture of learning.

Workers also seem to agree that learning opportunities — when implemented well — can drive retention: A majority of workers surveyed by the Conference Board earlier this year said they’d be more likely to leave an employer if it didn’t provide education and training to help them develop new skills, stay up to date on trends and advance their careers.


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